Case Studies

Biologic Facility Upgrade

Written by: Life Science Associates On: May 25th, 2010 Posted in: Case Studies


This was a brown field site that urgently required upgrading if it was to remain viable. Previous designs had involved expanding outside the footprint of the existing site or moving to a green field site. None of these designs could be justified because of unattractive cost benefit scenarios. Upgrading within the footprint of the original site had previously been considered impractical.


We worked with the client and their consulting engineers over a period of two months on the problem. Using some advanced design techniques we were able to help the client produce a modular design within the existing footprint of the site. This meant that the site could be upgraded in a modular fashion with minimum disruption to production. The cost of the design process was estimated to be in the region of 30% of the spend using a more traditional engineering approach and was completed in a third of the time. After a number of unsuccessful attempts over the last 6 months to secure the funds to upgrade the facility, the project was finally approved by the board.

High Performance Lab – Large Molecules

Written by: Life Science Associates On: May 17th, 2010 Posted in: Case Studies


Average lead times in the QC laboratory exceeded 30 days resulting in high levels of raw material inventory, Result We worked with the client to reduce lead times by 50% and inventory was reduced by 1 million Euros.